Taction Technology Transporter® haptic motors for headphones with applications in gaming, music, VR/AR, and therapeutic. The Transporter® is a patented transducer that goes lower, gives flatter frequency response, and delivers faster, more honest, accurate bass than you’ve ever experienced. The concept is to feel like you have 200 pounds of subwoofer built into a 1-ounce module. With a flexible engagement model for brands and OEMs, Taction will sell off-the-shelf haptic motors or offer a manufacturing license agreement.

Package fits in 41 x 48 x 8 mm

Features and Benefits

  • Quiet. Minimal impact on headphone acoustics
  • Powerful tactile sensation for products up to 0.4 kg
  • Better performance than most subwoofers
  • High-fidelity, wide frequency response (15-250 Hz)
  • Unmatched deep bass sensation in 15-40 Hz range
  • Instant start — no lag
  • Instant stop — no ringing
  • Simple electronics – no high voltage, drive with standard audio components