Leading Material Converter, Gasket Fabricator & Custom Assembly Provider

Fabri-Tech Components, Inc., is a leading material converter and custom assembly provider. Fabri-Tech specializes in the customized precision fabrication of components for industrial, medical, automotive, and electronic device markets.

With worldwide manufacturing capabilities and an extensive range of materials, Fabri-Tech can offer its customers assistance with design, material selection, prototyping, fabrication, and final production. Though their products are primarily used in electronic devices, they serve a broad array of industries and markets.

Fabri-Tech offers a number of precision manufacturing capabilities to create custom assemblies that match their customers’ design specifications. Fabri-Tech manufactures a full line of protective components, all completely customized to the needs of the customer. Dimensional accuracy and repeatability are hallmarks of their materials converting service.

Fabri-Tech delivers superior quality products and offers one-of-a-kind service to each and every customer. Contact dB to put our team to work on the custom assemblies you need.