Nanovate™ coatings on polymers and polymer composites by electrodeposition

Integran Nanovate™ on Plastics:

High Tech, Cost Effective Solution for Structural Frames

  • Plated plastic part matches stiffness of Mg at lower weight
  • Improved strength and impact resistance compared with Mg
  • Nanovate™ plated parts are lower cost than Mg co-molded with plastic

Nanovate™ plating also provides a:

  • Conductive surface for EMI shielding and grounding (solderable)

Status of Technology

  • Product Validated by US OEM
  • Tablet-style housing
  • Mg-replacement with Nanovate™ N1210 NiCo on GF-ABS
  • Lower part weight achieved
  • Improved drop performance by >50% without screen cracks

Supply Chain Ready

  • Nanovate™ process licensed to a POP supplier in ShenZhen China
  • Automated line set-up for mass production
  • Ready to quote new business