Who we are?

We are a technical sales representative agency offering the bridge to China manufacturing for innovative technologies for applications in portable electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, headphones, speakers and wearables.

“Sales Link to Asia for Technology”

Our line card is:

Clarasonic  (USA) – Composite materials such as RohaCell, Sonic Foam, HoneyComb and Balsa Wood with ultrathin cutting and forming capabilities for core, acoustic and structural applications.

Fabritech (SG) – Is a leading material converter and custom assembly provider specialized in the customized precision fabrication of components.

Integran – Nanovate™ (CA) – Coatings on polymers and polymer composites by electrodeposition.

JackSavior (NL) – World strongest and smallest audio jack plug.

JinYuanKang (CN) – Plastic injection technology from moulding to finishings.

NanoflowX (US) – World’s fastest IP68 rated electronic waterproofing solution.

Syntiant (US) – NDP100’s programmable deep learning network supports dozens of application-defined audio sequences for a variety of use cases.

Tectonic (US) –  Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) and Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) products.

Well Being Digital (HK) – HeartRate sensing technology for headphones and wearables. The leader in accuracy for heart rate and heart rate variability.

Zumi Systems (JP) – Audio Measurement Tools for a wide range of applications from Lab to Assembly line.